Tool Expo Kazakhstan

17-19 October 2023

Baluan Sholak Sports Palace • Kazakhstan/Almaty


Tools Expo is the largest event of this type in Kazakhstan, which will be attended by exhibitors from Eurasia and abroad. The fair is distinguished by the availability of a huge, the largest exhibition space in Kazakhstan, providing exhibitors with the best, almost unlimited possibilities of presenting their offer.

You Will Present Your Products and Services to Thousands of Consumers

By participating in the fair, as an exhibitor, you have as many as three fair days to show them your products and services.

And that’s not all.

Thanks to a wide promotional campaign and great media interest, your brand will also reach hundreds of thousands of people in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Why participate in Tool Expo Kazakhstan

Industry leaders are already here!

You Will Establish Valuable Business Contacts.

During the Tools & Hardware Show, you will conduct talks and build valuable business relationships that will result in new contracts. The fair is the only such opportunity not only to build a base of new customers, but also to hear about their needs, which will allow for an even better adjustment of the offer to the expectations of recipients, which in turn will increase the company’s profits.

Goal fort the target.

To improve the connection and get your target customer from both business and consumer. There is business matching which you can meet and create deals with most influence buyers in the market.

Show your brand.

Increase the brand awareness and make the market see that you are the one who is strong and willingness to generate the benefits of industries.

Time to grow Kazakhstan.

Exhibiting here is the most effective way to approach the customers internationally there are online and offline matching program that can make your business rapid growth.

Marketing Promotion

We also provide many tools and channel to promotes the event along with your brand to enhance market path penetration. The name and image of the event will be ubiquitous spreading out in general market channel.

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